Locum / Learner

Updated: Friday May 6, 2011




A ‘Locum’ is a licensed family doctor who is replacing one of our own family doctors who are away for various reasons, such as maternity leave or illness.


Medical Student A ‘Medical Student’ is studying medicine, which takes 3-4 years. Before starting medical school, they have usually completed a university degree. If involved with your visit, they will see you, then the supervising family doctor will see you as well. 


Clerk A ‘Clerk’ is a medical student in her/his final year. They are working more independently, but a supervising doctor will always see you as well. 



Dr Sarah Byce


A ‘Resident’ is a physician who has finished medical school and earned their medical degree. They are now training to be a family doctor. They spend up to 2 years with our office. They have a supervising family physician who they review all visits with. They sometime ask that supervising family doctor to see you during a visit as well.

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