Support Staff

Updated: Friday May 6, 2011




I do the billing for your visit. This includes Ministry of Health, WSIB and Third Party such as insurance forms, driver’s physicals and travel consultations.


FHT Clerk

Stephanie I work with the IHPs by providing administrative and clerical support (book appointments and other receptionist duties). I take and transcribe meeting minutes as well as create brochures and booklets for IHP class and workshop handouts.



FHN Coordinator

Trish I register and enroll patients with physicians of the SMC FHT. Our practice takes pride in giving our patients the best medical care possible. It is my responsibility to create and distribute preventive care lists of patients requiring paps, mammograms, flu shots, childhood immunizations and FOBTs. If you have any questions with regards in becoming a patient of the Medical Centre, please do not hesitate to contact me.


IT Support

Linda I’m the ‘in-house help desk’, providing technical support for staff regarding the computer system, telephones, etc. The website is also maintained through myself. When a patient decides to transfer their care to a new family doctor, I will forward copies of their medical records to the new doctor, once their signed consent and payment have been received.



Betsy, Harry We are responsible for cleaning the office including daily cleaning of bathrooms, exam rooms, waiting room and offices. It is our job to follow Infection Control guidelines in providing a clean space for patients and staff. We also look after lawn maintenance and clean up.


Medical Records / Scanner

Elysia, Leanne, Sara, Stephanie

Results of your (the patient) tests and consultations with a specialist are sent to your family physician for review. We convert all paper reports to electronic medical records (EMR) and put into the your chart.  


Medical Secretary

Andrea, Fatima We arrange the bookings of any hospital appointments such as ultrasounds, MRIs and CT scans, as well as referrals to specialists. We make sure you are notified of your test or specialist appointment and that you have all the necessary information, such as the name, address, telephone number and any special instructions required for the appointment. Some specialist appointments are held here at the office via Telemedicine (OTN) video-conferencing.


Program Director

Stephany I am responsible for overseeing the programs that are offered at the SMC FHT. I work with the doctors and staff to develop educational programs and groups that are centered on improving the care we provide to our patients. I am also the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) coordinator for our office. I arrange educational sessions, patient group sessions with certain specialists and facilitate the scheduling via videoconference.



Christie, Dorothy, Jen, Joan, Joanne 

We are responsible for answering the telephones and scheduling appointments for patients as well as rebooking them after they have seen the doctor. We greet patients at the window and confirm the patient’s contact information is correct. We strive to offer friendly and compassionate service to all of our patients in a confidential and respectful manner.


Jen, Raylene We purchase office and medical supplies for the clinic.  


Team Nurse

Bernadette, Kristie M, Kristie S, Michelle, Raylene, Sherri,  Shannon We greet and escort you from the waiting room to your exam room, then obtain a brief history of why you are here to see the doctor. We perform various medical treatments, such as bloodwork, vaccinations and dressing changes. We also provide telephone advice to you and your family when necessary. In addition, we assist your doctor with any procedures or examinations as needed. Your nurse and doctor work together to provide high quality compassionate care.  



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