Congestive Heart Failure

Updated: Thursday October 31, 2013

Tips for your self management:   (pdf version to print)

Your Goal Weight: _____

Green Zone: All Clear

  • No shortness of breath
  • No swelling
  • No weight gain
  • No chest pain
  • No decrease in your ability to maintain your activity level

Green Zone Means:

  • Your symptoms are under control
  • Continue taking your medications as ordered
  • Continue daily weights
  • Follow low salt diet
  • Keep all physician appointments

Yellow Zone: Caution

If you have any of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Weight gain of 3 or more pounds in 2 days
  • Increased cough
  • Increased swelling
  • Increase in shortness of breath with activity
  • Increase in the number of pillows needed
  • Anything else unusual that bothers you


  • Call your physician if you are going into the YELLOW zone

Yellow Zone Means:


  • Your symptoms may indicate that you need an adjustment of your medications


  • Call your physician, nurse coordinator, or home health nurse.



Instructions: _______________________


Red Zone: Medical Alert

  • Unrelieved shortness of breath: shortness of breath at rest
  • Unrelieved chest pain
  • Wheezing or chest tightness at rest
  • Need to sit in chair to sleep
  • Weight gain or loss of more than 5 pounds in 2 days
  • Confusion

Call your physician immediately if you are going into the RED zone

Red Zone Means:

This indicates that you need to be evaluated by a  physician right away


  • Call your physician right away







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