Programs and Services at the Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team


The COPD Program has been developed by the Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team (SMCFHT) to improve the quality of life of those with COPD and their families. The Team consists of a Nurse Practitioner working with the patient’s Family Physician to provide a comprehensive assessment, and to manage symptoms and medications for their COPD. The goal of the program is to help patients with COPD remain as active and healthy as possible, managing their symptoms to ensure optimal quality of life. This program has the support of a Registered Dietitian and Mental Health Counselors onsite as well.

At these appointments you will have an opportunity to ask questions about managing a chronic condition, how to set small goals for self-care and how to know when to seek more acute medical attention.

These appointments are usually booked for 40 minutes with the Nurse Practitioner. Typically there are follow up visits every 3-4 months, especially during the cold and flu season.


The Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team (SMCFHT) recognizes the importance of infant feeding, including both breastfeeding and bottle feeding, in relation to health promotion. The focus of the infant feeding program at the SMCFHT is the following: Education

  • to provide information to enable families to make an informed choice about infant feeding and nutrition


  • to provide support to families related to bottle feeding and breastfeeding with hands-on assistance and encouragement as needed


  • to encourage families by helping them understand the importance of each and every day of breastfeeding for the good of their family
  • to find out what their perception is and what they would like to achieve (goals)
  • to work with Mom/Dad/baby to achieve their goals
  • to make families aware of how we can help and the options available

The dietitian provides one-on-one sessions for education to answer any questions you may have and for in-person lactation consultations as required. Appointments can be made for before or after the baby is born.


Examples of some infant feeding related topics you can see the dietitian for include:

  • Education: Breast milk, Composition of Breast milk, Formula and Bottle Feeding
  • Support: In Hospital, At home
  • Encouragement: Best for Babies, Best for Moms, As an adult, Dad – the supportive partner
  • Positioning for breastfeeding
  • Potential Problems: Sore nipples, Lumps in breast, Engorgement, Mastitis, Treatment
  • Storage of Breast milk
  • Medication

* Please call the office at 905-957-3328 to book an appointment.


You may be referred by your Family Doctor to the Registered Nurse Educator, for an educational assessment regarding your condition. She will offer you educational material and an opportunity to discuss your concerns regarding this new or ongoing diagnosis. It is possible that you will see the Registered Nurse Educator only one time for this education or you may have a regular follow up appointment at the discretion of your Family Doctor and with your agreement. At these appointments you will have an opportunity to ask questions about managing a chronic condition, how to set small goals for self-care and how to know when to seek more acute medical attention.

It is the goal of the program to educate patients and their caregivers or family about self-management of congestive heart failure medications and behaviours and to provide support and access to support from the medical community and specialist care as required.


The Diabetes Program at the Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team (SMCFHT) aims to provide excellence in patient-based diabetes care and follow up, involving regular visits with your diabetes health care team. Your Family Physician and Registered Nurse Educator will see you alternately every 3 months and a Registered Dietitian is available to see you as a consultation and possibly for ongoing follow up appointments based on your specific situation. You are still encouraged to see your Family Doctor, or one of the Nurse Practitioners, for other health concerns aiming to provide good general health follow up. At times, it may be necessary to see other healthcare professionals, such as a counselor.

During your visit with the team, you will review healthy lifestyles. You may discuss things such as healthy eating, physical activity, blood sugar monitoring, foot care and smoking. When coming for a diabetic visit with either the Family Doctor or Registered Nurse Educator it is important that you have bloodwork done a week prior to the visit so that the results can be reviewed for your safety benefit.

Having diabetes usually means changes in your lifestyle, which is not always easy. Your health care team is here to support you as you make these changes and manage your diabetes. Having a support system is an integral part of personal success.


Group education sessions can be arranged based on demand. Please call Stephanie at 905-957-3328, ext 117, and leave a message with your name, telephone number and topic of interest!

Geriatric Program


The Geriatric Program has been developed by the Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team (SMCFHT) to improve the quality of life of seniors, allowing them to remain as independent and healthy as possible. The Team consists of a Nurse Practitioner working with the patient’s Family Physician to provide a comprehensive assessment; to access other community based home care resources in coordination with the Community Care Access Centre Case Manager and to support care givers enabling them to make informed decisions. The team will work to identify any cognitive impairments that may exist as well as identifying any extra services or support that may be needed. This program has the support of a Registered Dietitian and Mental Health Counselors onsite as well.

The program is structured around three separate visits with the Nurse Practitioner and are usually booked for approximately one hour. The first visit is an individual interview with the client/patient to do some history taking and cognitive assessments. The second visit will be with family members only, without the client/patient present. The third visit is a physical assessment at which time other tests may be ordered. The visits are booked according to a referral from the Family Doctor.

Some of the Initial Discussion will include:

  • Current living situation
  • Work history
  • Hearing
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Cognition – MMSE: (max 30); MOCA: (max 30)
  • Depression – Geriatric depression screen
  • Falls/mobility
  • Osteoporosis
  • Caregiver support
  • Continence
  • Medications
  • Nutrition
  • Cardiovascular/stroke risk
  • Driving
  • Do you have a Power of Attorney? Personal Care?
  • Financial care/property?
  • Do you have a valid, up to date Will?
  • End of Life Care directions?
  • Lifestyle issues
  • Activities of daily living


The goal of the Hypertension Program at the Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team (SMCFHT) is to identify patients with high blood pressure and provide them with education that supports individual learning and self-management of this condition. The Hypertension Program is delivered and supported by a knowledgeable and interdisciplinary team including the Program Director, Nurse Practitioners, the Registered Dietitian and the Registered Nurse Educator. Individual and group visits are offered as part of this program.

The BpTRU machine is used for blood pressure measurement in order to ensure accurate and consistent readings each time you have your blood pressure checked by the Registered Nurse Educator. The individual and group settings offer a great educational resource that can help you understand what hypertension is; the risks; and strategies for blood pressure reduction. We can offer you support for lifestyle changes that have been proven to significantly reduce blood pressure and decrease the risk of many cardiovascular diseases. Ultimately, our Hypertension Program belongs to you, the patient, and we are here to facilitate your journey.


The Hypertension Group is offered through referral from your Family Doctor. This is a patient centered interactive education class offered by a Registered Nurse Educator and a Registered Dietitian.

The learning objectives are as follows:

  • Blood pressure check with BpTRU
  • What is hypertension?
  • Causes and risks of hypertension
  • Self-measurement of blood pressure and what the numbers mean
  • Self-management education and lowering your blood pressure through lifestyle changes. This could include, but not limited to, diet, activity, weight loss, smoking cessation, alcohol reduction, stress management


The INR (anticoagulant) care at the Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team (SMCFHT) is a physician led program that includes a Registered Nurse Educator who sees a patient for an educational session when you are prescribed to start Coumadin (Warfarin) therapy for INR (anticoagulation). This treatment may be required for many different medical conditions and it is important that you understand how to safely manage this therapy with the support of your medical team.

You will be given written information regarding the medication and dietary considerations and contact information to maintain as a resource. You will then have regular contact by telephone from the Registered Nurse Educator or your Doctor regarding what dosage of Coumadin (Warfarin) medication you should take daily and when to next have bloodwork done. The bloodwork can be done here at the office or it can be arranged with the provision of a requisition at your local lab. If you have not been contacted 24 hours after having the bloodwork done you should contact our office and speak to the Doctor or the Nurse Educator at 905-957-3328.


Our Mental Health Team provides a range of services to enrolled patients of the Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team (SMCFHT). Mental Health Counselors, Pediatric Psychiatrists and Adult Psychiatrists work together with the Family Physicians to help individuals, couples and families deal with issues such as:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • marital dysfunction
  • family dysfunction
  • chronic disease
  • anger management concerns
  • grief and loss

Access to the Mental Health program is by referral from your Family Physician.

Our Mental Health Counselors are qualified professionals who will work with you in a short-term, focused and confidential way. They also work collaboratively with your Physician to provide care in a respectful and timely manner. They offer support, education and links with other community agencies and services when appropriate.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling


Our Registered Dietitian provides one-on-one or group counseling to help families and individuals nutritionally manage their health issues such as:

  • Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes
  • Heart Health (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, congestive heart failure)
  • Heartburn, kidney stones, gout
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (ie Crohn’s, diverticular disease, ulcerative colitis, etc)
  • Pediatric weight management (failure to thrive, picky eaters, etc)
  • Anemia (iron and/or B12 deficiency, pernicious anemia)
  • Allergies/intolerance to food
  • Vegetarianism/vegan diet
  • Healthy eating throughout the lifecycle (prenatal, older adults)

The first appointment with the Registered Dietitian lasts about an hour. Follow up appointments last anywhere from half an hour to an hour. During a first appointment, patients will talk about their recent lab results, their usual food intake, and possible changes they can make today to maximize their health and well being. You can now book an appointment to see the Registered Dietitian yourself or with a referral from your Doctor or other Health Professional at the Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team (SMCFHT).



A one-hour session that is run, based on demand, by our Registered Dietitian. The purpose of the group is to help you learn how to lower your cholesterol by making lifestyle changes.

Topics include:

  • Learning why high cholesterol is dangerous
  • Identifying what fats to avoid
  • Learning how to use labels when shopping
  • Teaching you how to make heart healthy meals at home and better choices when eating out.


The Smoking Cessation program provides a systematic approach to assisting patients when they are ready to quit smoking or wishing to have a reduction in daily cigarettes smoked. The Nurse Practitioner will provide counseling and education around smoking cessation. The initial appointment is about 60 minutes and will include support with developing a comprehensive personal quit plan when you are ready; ongoing support once you quit to prevent relapse; available support with the Registered Dietitian to discuss healthy eating options; and medication options. The Nurse Practitioner will call a few days after the quit date to assess withdrawal symptoms and any issues with medications. A follow up appointment 2-4 weeks later will be scheduled to provide further support.

The Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team (SMCFHT) is partnering with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in an initiative that will provide free nicotine replacement therapy for patients wanting to quit smoking.

If you are ready to quit or want more information about quitting, you can call and book an appointment for yourself to see the Nurse Practitioner or you can be referred by your Family Doctor.

The STOP Smoking Program…………….STOP Initial Group.pdf

– Group Session – please call the office (905-957-3328) to reserve a seat

Thank you for your interest in the Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team STOP Smoking Program. Congratulations on taking this very important first step for your health! The STOP Smoking Program is a province wide initiative that provides 26 weeks of free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (patch, gum, lozenge, inhaler) and counseling by our nurse practitioner in the office.

The initial appointment is done in two steps.

For the first part you will be in a group setting of approximately 5-10 people in which you will learn how the program works and complete paper work to enroll yourself in the program.

The second part will be an individual appointment with the nurse practitioner in which you will develop your personalized quit smoking plan.

This initial appointment will take place within the Smithville Medical Centre Family Health Team office.

Two initial appointment sessions will be running per month. Please contact the office to sign up for a session or to clarify any questions that you may have as you begin your quit journey.


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